+ How far are the cottages from Sharks Point?

+ How many beds do the cottages have and is there bedding?

+ Are we able to get to the cottages in normal vehicles we will be brining a few 4x4 with us?

+ Are there any showering/toilet facilities available?

+ Is it safe?

+ Should I bring my own drinking water?

+ Any shark nets ?

+ Are there life guards on duty?

+ Are there any gillies available?

+ What size chest freezer you have, as we do land up bringing a bit of bait?

+ Do you have braaing facilities?

+ Is there anything else you think we may need to be aware of ?

+ Electricity?

+ Can I bring my dog?

+ If we run out of supplies, where do we shop?

+ Have never heard of you guys. Where about excatly is Sharkspoint?

+ Do we need permits to drive on uncharted roads. Where can we obtain these?

+ Is there cutlery available

+ We are in a 4x4 and would like to do a bit of offroad/backroad scenic travelling. Can we get from sharks point to coffee bay along the coastline in a 4 x 4?

+ Can we buy fish or seafood from the locals.

who is the local community contact should I reqire assistance in an emergency, and where is the closet hospital in case of emergency?

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